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Connect, engage and authenticate

Are you ready for the connected consumer?

Each package comes with the use of the Cellr iPhone and Android apps. Consumers can download these from the native app stores.  We give you everything you need to create true customer engagement and brand protection. Each bottle will be enabled with an NFC sticker automatically during bottling. We create digital birth certificates during this process, so you can unlock the platform to manage your consumer engagement. Consumers simply tap the sticker to engage like never before. Giveaways, video, authentication and live scans are all taken care of by one super smart platform. 

Simply scan the NFC on the bottle, no app required. This will kick start your customers journey. 

What's Included

Encrypted NFC Stickers

We will supply you with enough NFC stickers to fulfill your requirements. Each sticker is encrypted and tracked in the Cellr platform prior to delivery.

Bottling facilities can apply these where ever you choose on the bottle. 

Our batching techniques create automated data capture opportunities directly from the production line. 

Customer Engagement

Unprecedented access to the consumer.

The Cellr platform has been designed to give you a direct conversation with the connected consumer.

In our eyes, each of your bottles are unique. Cellr lets you engage with consumers like never before.

Our competition engine and video integration give you direct access to customers. We can track each scan live on a map for you, so you'll always know where your wine is after it leaves the vineyard.


Use Cellr's encrypted authentication processes to make sure your customers know what they are buying is legitimate. 

Simple to use, the Cellr platform gives you control of your brand anywhere, anytime.  

Cellr tracks your wine (each scan) from the bottling facility to consumption via an admin portal and Google map integration.

Direct to Consumer (DTC)

The Cellr platform is being built to give wineries the world's best suite of marketing tools, for the digital age. We know how expensive it can be to build your own digital tool kit, so why not use ours over time at a fraction of the cost.

Start your brands DTC engagement journey via the instant win competition engine we've built...think of it like a "Willy Wonka" golden ticket campaign.

Using the Near Field Communication (NFC) built into the lid you can unlock endless opportunities to engage with your consumers.

Here's a look at what's to come. Imagine the ability to activate any of these from an easy to use online tool that unlocks your capsules.

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