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Cellr is here to provide you with on-demand customer engagement. 


Digital Labelling

We will supply you with enough NFC labels to fulfill your requirements. Each label is encrypted and tracked in the Cellr platform prior to delivery.

Bottling facilities can apply these where ever you choose on the bottle. 

Our batching techniques create automated data capture opportunities directly from the production line. 

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Experience unprecedented access to the consumer. The Cellr platform has been designed to give you a direct conversation with the connected consumer.

In our eyes, like your customers each of your bottles are unique. Cellr lets you engage with consumers like never before by allowing you to customise the message in each bottle sent out into the world.

The Cellr platform and technology combined give you direct access to customers through the competition engine and video integration, among many other Cellr content applications. We can even live track each scan on a map for you, so you'll always know where your wine is after it leaves the vineyard.

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Use Cellr's encrypted authentication processes to make sure your customers know what they are buying is legitimate. 

Simple to use, the Cellr platform gives you control of your brand anywhere, anytime.  

Cellr tracks your wine (each scan) from the bottling facility to consumption via an admin portal and Google map integration.

Simply scan the NFC on the bottle, no app required.
Kick start your customers journey with your brand.

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