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Cellr invests in NFC / RFID connected packaging for wine, RFID Journal, 30.03.2020


Smart caps to combat fake wine, Securing Industry, 17.03.2020

Thou shalt not steal, Au Manufacturing, 16.03.2020

This smart bottle cap can detect fake wine, International Business Times, 13.03.2020

New anti-counterfeit technology for the wine industry, The Shout, 13.03.2020

New smart bottle caps detect counterfeit, Daily Mail, 12.03.2020

Cellr aims to cap counterfeit wine, Food and Drink Business, 11.03.2020

Cellr targets global counterfeit wine industry, ABC News, 10.03.2020

Australian made IoT offering enables digital birth certificates for wine, Au Manufacturing, 10.03.2020

WA company launches anti-counterfeit wine technology, The Drinks Trade, 10.03.2020

Device helps winemakers keep it real, The West Australian, 10.03.2020


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