Stand out to the 

connected consumer. 

Let your wine speak for itself. Be part of our exclusive "first press" project as we introduce the world to hands-free authentication and true Direct to Consumer Engagement. 

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What's Included

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Tech enabled capsules

Engineered layers that combine to create a capsule that's capable of amazing things.

Our lids create unique, digital records of every bottle you produce, automatically on your production line.

Consumers can then tap the cap with their mobile phone to authenticate the wine (among other things). 

Customer Engagement

Start your brands DTC engagement journey via the instant win competition engine...think of it like a "Willy Wonka" golden ticket campaign.

Using the Near Field Communication (NFC) built into the lid you can unlock endless opportunities to engage with your consumers.


Track &


Gain insights into how your wine travels through the supply chain (production to consumer).


The Cellr platform feeds you information via a dashboard to give you clarity on your wines journey throughout the world.

Distribution through to customer interaction, anywhere, anytime.