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Connecting with Trade 

Build a relationship with the people selling your wine, not just the people buying it.

Every bottle of your wine becomes its own sales representative
The Connecting with Trade feature is the first of its kind in the industry and enables producers to: 
  • Develop stronger relationships in trade 

  • Educate and inform customer facing staff

  • Deliver a consistent message

  • Facilitate inventory management 


Cellr’s combined NFC packaging solution and platform are able to facilitate each bottle of wine in connecting unique content directly with a person's smartphone when tapped allowing you to engage with:

  • Retail & Hospitality staff

  • Sommeliers

  • KOL’s 

  • Distributors

  • Chefs

Developing Stronger Relationships

The Cellr platform and application provides you with the ability to communicate directly with people working across all ends of the supply chain, and build relationships along the way through:

  • Sales Incentives

  • New release notifications

  • Feedback forms (that go directly to the producer)


Educating and informing customer facing staff

From the beginners through to the experts, you are able to tell the people promoting your wine all you want them to know. Create unique profiles for each wine with everything from the basic tasting notes to details about the vineyards terroir. 

Further, you can provide informative videos, show them photos from the vintage, link  or talk about what food it pairs well with. Engage and deliver your key messages in any way you choose. 


Consistent message to market

Your wine changes hands at least half a dozen times before reaching your consumer domestically, and another dozen or so if it goes international. From distributors to sales representatives to retailers, somewhere down the line a wine's message can become muddled, lost in translation or simply lost altogether. Cellr ensures you get the right message to the right people, everytime.

The “Connecting with Trade Feature” streamlines this process by allowing you to dedicate content to certain people within the Cellr App, as well as providing translation and subtitle options. 


Facilitate Inventory Management

The “Connecting with Trade” feature also provides inventory control management via the Cellr App through re-ordering notifications, new-release updates and Cellr’s industry first stock management system.