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Brand Protection

Protect your history with today's technology

Introducing product authentication like never before.

We believe in developing solutions that enhance wineries abilities to protect their brand in today's markets. Counterfeit wine statistics are on the rise globally, so the team at Cellr set out on a mission to provide producers the ability to identify their legitimate products anywhere, anytime. 

Through engaging world class electrical engineers we have seen spectacular results. We have created a world first solution that embeds itself directly in to today's bottling processes. Using non line of sight readability, we capture each bottle as it passes down your line. This in turn creates a digital "birth certificate" that becomes your immutable record for protection.  Top it all off with our tamper-proof design and you can see why this is a wine capsule capable of amazing things.

Combine this unprecedented capsule with a software platform that utilizes modern day encryption and you have the ability to truly protect your brand.

Tech Enabled Lids

Cellr's covert solution embedded in the capsule creates immutable digital birth certificates and automated data collection at speed on your bottling line, and within supply chains.

Integrated radio frequency antenna design and high end chip technology combine to create a binary state for tamper evidence tracking. This means no more re-filling.


Endless customer engagement opportunities and total brand control via NFC and the Cellr tool kit. Plus, non line of sight visibility throughout supply chains with  off the shelf RFID technology.

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NFC Label

Not using PolyLaminate problem. We have NFC labelling solutions ready to go whilst we finalise our screw cap and champagne hood manufacturing. 

These are also applied during bottling and use encryption protocols to protect your brand.

Check out the solutions in detail and review the pricing

Covert brand protection that doubles as the world's best direct-to-consumer platform