Automated Authenticity.


Cellr is bringing a solution to the market that "simplifies producer verification". Our focus is simple...automated brand protection, from bottling through to the end of a products life.

Combine this automated authenticity with a fully integrated customer experience engine and your brand will be at the fingertips of your consumers every step of the supply chain.

Tamper-proof sealing arrangement

Usable on all closures used in wine and spirits production

Blockchain immutability from the production line

Multi layered tech for various engagement platforms

Embedded authentication


Cellr is a patent pending (AU2019900213) solution predominantly focused on stopping the counterfeit wine market. The best part, it also has big benefits all the way through the supply chain.
We've set out to create a solution that looks out for producers. Protecting the brands that they've worked so hard to build is what we care about. Our solution had to be hands free, easy and incorporated into the bottling process.
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Perth, Western Australia

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